Gr8City is a serious roleplay server, with an active staff team and community. Businesses are ran, owned and operated by the citizens of Los Santos. With plenty of jobs available for anyone, head over to the forum to apply for a whitlisting today.


Gr8City was estabished in November of 2019, and has continued to grow since then. Now on our 3.0 version, with custom jobs and "heists" we continue to explore ways to offer the community a unique experience with scripts designed by our developers. Do you have what it takes to survive Gr8City?


Social Media


Law Abiding
Citizen Lifestyle

Are you interested in a lawful career in Lost Santos? - well look no further, we have the jobs for you.

Law and Order

  • State Trooper
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Blaine County Sheriff's Department
  • Department Of Corrections
  • District Attorney
  • Judge
  • Private/Public Attorney
  • Park Ranger

And More...

Criminal / Gang

Do you have what it takes to make a name for youself on the streets of Los Santos? Will you ride solo or run with an established group?

Criminal Lifestyle

  • Motorcycle Clubs
  • Gangs / Mafia
  • Bank Jobs
  • Weapon Heists
  • Drug System
  • Street Racing
  • Territory Control
  • Vehicle Scrapping

And More...


Are you a social butterly, and simply just want to work your 9-5 and hang out with friends? We have what you're looking for.

Civilian Lifestyle Choices

  • Group Games
  • City Events
  • Night Clubs
  • Resturants
  • Mining
  • Santiation
  • Electrician
  • Pool Cleaner
  • Trucker

And More...


Here is a list of some additional things you can involve yourself with, everything below has been created, and role played out by our community members. Come join us today in Gr8City and create your own story.

Player Created Opportunities

  • Drift School
  • BMX / Bike School
  • Security Team
  • Flight School
  • Drag Racing
  • Gr8 Fighting Championship
  • Clothing Designers
  • Galleria Auctioneer

And More...