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Jobs in San Andreas

There are a variety of jobs all over the island that you can do. Some are posted at the job center marked on your map. Others are scattered around the map and don't require the job center to do them. Here are some of what the city has to offer....

  • LSPD
  • BCSO
  • FIRE & EMS
    and many more.....
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Community information

Community Announcements

  • 💀RP Death Update: We have updated the way RP death is handled. If you die, you will have a 10 minute bleed out times. EMS will be notified and if one is online they will respond to help you. If no EMS is online, there is a 10 minute bleed out timer before you respond. During that time, anyone that has purchased a Defib from the Pharmacies can respond and revive you. If you reach the end of the bleed out timer without being revived, you will respawn in the surgery room at Pillbox Hospital. You will not remember the last 15 minutes of your life and what led to your deth. You will no longer lose any items or cash if you do respawn.

  • 🏪We have implemented a new and improved garage system. This garage will allow you to pull out your vehicle from any garage listed on the map. There is a catch though. If you are getting your car from a garage other than the last one you parked your vehicle in, you will be charged a small Valet charge to move your vehicle to the garage you are currently at. There is also an impound nowand it is located at the Misiion Row Police Department. If your vehicle isn’t in your garage, make sure to check the impound. Retrieving a vehicle from impound costs you, so make sure to return your car to a garage before leaving the city each time to avoid the impound fees.

  • 🚗PDM will be open for test drives a couple hours of the day and those time will be posted here soon.
    • PDM offers financing -You can buy the vehicles currently on display or go to the vehicles in the middle of the show room and browse through the vehicle list.
    • PDM employees can change what cars are on display
    • PDM employees can offer test drives on displayed cars
    • PDM employees can adjust the commission on vehicles (be nice to them!)
    • UP and DOWN arrows will adjust the downpayment on the vehicle you are standing at.
    • When in a financed vehicle and you want to make a payment, type "/makepayment AMOUNT" where amount is what you want to pay (cash)
    • When you have financed vehicles, type "/checkpayment" and PDM will send you a text message stating how much is still owed on each vehicle.
    • You have 5 hours (real time) to make a minimum payment or the vehicle will be up for repossession.
    • Mechanics can use "/checkRepos" to see if any vehicles are marked for repossession.
    • Payments need to be made in the same amount as your downpayment or more. So if your down payment was $5,000, each payment must be at least 5,000 or more until it is paid off.

  • 🚙When you go and visit the car dealership down by the beach, you will notice a new lineup of car. These cars just recently arrived in the city and are one of a kind. Also, as you drive around the City you will notice a new LSPD, EMS and BCSO vehicles.

  • 🛠The Gr8 City now offers crafting. Your crafting recipes can be accessed by pressing F9 to open your tablet and selecting the recipe icon. There is a location on the map where you must go to do all of your crafting. Mining and fishing are a great way to get supplies needed for crafting. Check back often as we will be adding new recipes often.

  • 📌There a many ways you can earn money in The Gr8 City that are not jobs. If you choose to pick the life of crime, you can do some of the following. Drugs are done in a very unique way. You must purchase a Green, Blue or White USB drive. When you use this item in your inventory, a hacking mini game will pop up. When you successfully complete the hack, a location marked with a yellow circle will be placed on your map. Load up with weapons and take a friend with you because when you arrive at this location, a mob of angry civilians will be there to protect the drugs. If you successfully kill at the civilians without dying you will find a spot where you collect the bricks of different drugs. These bricks can be broken down into smaller amounts for use and selling. To break these down you will need baggies, a scale, and some time to kill. After successfully breaking these down you can take to the streets and sell to civilians. Be careful though as some may not appreciate it and will contact the local authorities. Using these drugs in there most cut down form can give a player health, body armor or the ability to run faster for a period of time. -There are other ways of making money like Gold Heists, Yacht robberies, jewelry store robbery, Market robberies, robbing civilians and the Pacific bank vault. Explore the city and get to know other partners in crime to carry out all these and keep The Gr8 City black market running.

Server Keybinds

Below is a list of commonly used keybinds and commands.


Phone K
Inventory F2
Emote Menu F5
Job Specific Menu F6
Invoices F7
Tablet F11
Players Online F10
Accessories F11
Point B
Hands Up N
Crouch CTRL
Talk on Radio CAPSLOCK
Glovebox/Trunk F3
Map on foot M
Change Voice Distance~


Seat Belt B
Cruise ControlX
Vehicle Control Panel L
Toggle Emergency Lights (LEO) Q
Toggle Siren (LEO) CTRL
Secondary Siren (LEO) Left Arrow
Radar (LEO) TAB

Chat Commands

Show Current Job showjob
Show All Current Info showinfo
Check Vehicle Payments checkpayment
Make Vehicle Payment makepayment <amount>
Emote e <emote name>
Toggle Engine on/off engine
911 Dispatch 911 <message>
EMS Dispatch ems <message>
Job Chat jobc <message>
Change Car Skin (LEO) livery <number>

GCRP Launcher

Download and install The Gr8 City Launcher for fast and easy connection to the server along with real time updates and info.

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    All updated and information is posted directly to the application for your convince.


These are the departments tasked with keeping San Andreas safe and secure.


Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) is the police department for the city of Los Santos, San Andreas.
- Chief of Police - Milo Blue
- Assistant Chief -
- Deputy Chief - OPEN
- Commander - OPEN
- Major - OPEN


Blaine Country Sheriff Department is responsible for keeping Baline County safe. They work along side police in patrolling Los Santos.
- Sheriff Duputy -
Postions Open
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Los Santos Fire & EMS patrol all of San Andreas and are tasked with running all of the hospitals around the island and to provide on scene medicals care for all the citizens
Hospital Director -

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Active Developers/Staff

We have active staff and developers always working to improve your quality of life in the city. Head to the #Support section in discord and a staff member will be there to answer any questions you may have or help solve any problems that may arise.

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